PRODINTEC Technology Center


PRODINTEC is a technological center specialized in design and industrial production, dedicated to enhancing the competitiveness of industrial enterprises through the application of technologies and innovative methodologies, both their products and their manufacturing and management processes.

The Department of innovation management PRODINTEC provides internal support to the initiatives undertaken by the technological centre and offers services to companies oriented to improve innovation activities through the application of systematic and professional methodologies, such as:

  • Efficient management of innovation activities, making use of systematic tools such as IDINET® (co-developed with Futuver) or standards UNE166000.
  • Management of r & d projects, including the definition and monitoring of objectives, budget and planning; the coordination of working groups, risk analysis, exploitation of results, among others.
  • Participation in programs of r & d at regional, national or international level or in innovative public purchasing tenders.
  • Internationalization of innovation activities through programs such as Horizon 2020 (including instrument SME and era-net), bilateral and multilateral programmes managed by the CDTI, among others.
  • Studies of the State of the art to ensure novelty and inventive step of a new product, as well as the non-infringement of existing patents.
  • Advice for the application for an industrial property title.
  • Systematization of processes of strategic surveillance following his Sentinel methodology and development of surveillance to measure
  • Support to the Organization for the development of an efficient management of information and knowledge through the use of specific computer tools (PLMs, ERPs, CRMs, BPMs etc.).

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Contacto: Ana García Lorenzo data. Director of management of the innovation.


Park scientist and Tecnológico de Gijón, INTRA-area. Avenue Garden botanical 1345. 33203 Gijón. Asturias. Spain.

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