ProjectA + is a private organization with experience in capacity development, prospective planning, methodological advice, R&D project management and implementation of strategic intelligence solutions for public and private sector.
The company has 4 key business lines:

    Prospective and strategic management: Formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of current and future strategies.
Innovation Management: Innovation Management is the best way to apply knowledge by generating products and processes of high value for society and market.
Transfer of technologies and methodologies: The processes of technology and methodology transfer allow to streamline and optimize the processes within the organizations.
Capacity building: Organizational capacity building is the main component for innovation and change management.

In addition, they have a wide network of professionals recognized both nationally and internationally, leading their own projects and with high capacity to strategically manage market requirements.

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Omar Amed Del Carpio Rodríguez

Telephone: +511972732778

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