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Observatory for Technology Transfer

Institutional Projects
Servicio de Gestión de la Investigación y Transferencia de Tecnología
Universidad de Alicante
03690 Alicante, Spain

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Observatory for technology transfer: connecting research and business in Latin America.

The Observatory for technology transfer (OVTT) is a project developed by the University of Alicante (UA), in collaboration with Banco Santander (Santander Universities), to promote the knowledge and technology transfer, innovation and entrepreneurship in Latin America Region.


University of Alicante
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Institutional Projects Unit,  Technology Transfer Office (SGITT-OTRI) and the Research Group "Language Processing and Information Systems" (GPLSI).

Santander Universities
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Banco Santander through its Santander Universities area is the company that invests the most in Corporate Social Responsibility in connection with education. Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Scholarships and Grants and digital projects such as OVTT RedEmprendia, Universia and Miguel de Cervantes Virtual Library are among those.

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