RedVITEC Huila


The Chamber of Commerce of Neiva leads RedVITEC Huila, an initiative of the Governor of Huila (Colombia) to increase the competitiveness of the productive sector of the Department from the development and implementation of activities and processes of technology watch and competitive intelligence in participating organizations.

His work focuses on facilitating strategic decision-making and enhance the development of collaborative projects of research, technological development, innovation and cooperation in strategic sectors from technology watch processes.

Between their Services include:

  • Reports of intelligence competitive: allow identify processes, technologies, trends, opportunities and threats in the time appropriate for the takes of decisions. Tests help the analysis of technological trends or market, detection of key agents in a market, reports on new products or markets, suppliers and competitors analysis detection.
  • Strategic planning: consulting in the areas of strategic planning, from technology watch, defining the best management tool that fits the need of the organization.
  • Sector newsletters: lets be truthful, timely and current information of the environment in its sector on a regular basis. Made by specialists in search of information scientific, technology and of the environment, with tools of search more powerful, the objective of these publications electronic and sectoral is facilitate monthly information timely, schematic and of quick reading on advances and news of his sector.
  • Analysis of patents: specialized services in Industrial property, with the aim of strengthening the technological strategy of enterprises and improve the management of its assets of industrial property, patents and trademarks.
  • Implementation of systems of surveillance technology and intelligence competitive in companies: the methodology of it surveillance technology e intelligence competitive can apply is to any type of organization.

The RedVITEC Huila has with a team of nine professional between Coordinator, lookouts technological, analysts of information, marketer and prospectivistas, dedicated exclusively to lead and support them processes that is performed with and for the members of the network.

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Data of contact:

Phone: 8713666 Ext 126

Direccion: Cra.5 N ° 10-38 floor 11 building. Chamber of Commerce of Neiva. Neiva-Huila, Colombia.

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