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Red Emprendia is the Business Incubation network of universities from Spain, Portugal and Latin America. It is an alliance of universities that promotes responsible knowledge transfer, technology development, innovation and entrepreneurship in the EIC (Ibero-American Knowledge Space, in Spanish). Red Emprendia is sponsored by Banco Santander through the Santander Universities Global Division, which has demonstrated its strong commitment to universities, their responsibility and projects.
Its aim is to make the third mission of the University, focused on knowledge transfer, technology transfer, innovation and entrepreneurship, the strategic line of action of the EIC, contributing to the development of society and the improvement of the quality of life by promoting responsible economy, both socially and environmentally.

Currently, it consists of 26 members. With the support of UNIVERSIA, some of the most important universities are from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Mexico and Portugal.

Some of its most relevant services are:

  • ENISA Funding
  • Microsoft BizSpark
  • Toolkit for entrepreneurship
  • Landing
  • RedEmprendia Forum
  • List of companies
  • Encouragement of Academic Entrepreneurship
  • Publications

In addition, RedEmprendia has launched RedEmprendia Forum: it is a series of digital meetings to boost the exchange of knowledge, the dissemination of good practices and significant experiences, the analysis and debate on transfer of R&D results, innovation and entrepreneurship in Latin American university community. The project is led by the RedEmprendia Institute and promoted by the Universidad of Antioquía.

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