Alicante Scientific Park


Alicante Science Park (ASP) is located next to the university campus and was conceived as a space for excellence and innovation, fostering business-university relationships and promoting technology transfer and the competitiveness of the economic system. The park is managed by professional experts whose objective is to increase the wealth of our community by developing a culture of innovation and competitiveness in the knowledge-generating companies and institutions that are located in the park or linked to the organisation.

Based on this mission, the last few years have seen the construction of a high quality space for the coexistence of innovation companies, research institutions and joint university-business I+D laboratories. These organisations share scientific-technical facilities of great added-value that can lead to the establishment of networks, alliances and professionalised consultancy services.

The Alicante Science Park Foundation is responsible for managing this environment of innovation and its main objectives are:

  • To promote scientific, technological and innovation development and the transfer of knowledge.
  • To establish and strengthen synergies between the University of Alicante and companies.
  • To promote and manage innovation infrastructures and spaces that foster technological development.
  • To contribute to the economic development of the Region of Valencia by improving business competitiveness, technological development and innovation.

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