The Virtual Observatory for Technology Transfer (OVTT) is an institutional project developed by the University of Alicante (UA), in collaboration with Banco Santander, to promote the transfer of knowledge and technology, innovation and entrepreneurship in Latin America.

It is a networked technological mediation tool that, through its virtual platform, facilitates the access to scientific and technological information available on the Internet to entrepreneurs, researchers and entrepreneurs, so that they apply it efficiently in their professional activity and generate opportunities for collaboration and Innovation in Latin America. Promoting, therefore, the importance of implementing technological surveillance practices and the advanced use of the Internet in entrepreneurial R & D & I projects.

The transfer of technology is the set of actions aimed at facilitating the commercial performance in the market of research capacities and research results of R&D activities carried out by universities, institutes, research centers and companies. It corresponds to a stage of the global process of valorization and later commercialization of the technology.

Technology monitoring is an essential tool to detect opportunities for technological innovation and new ideas that facilitate an improvement of processes, products and services in the organization.

In 2006, UNE Standard 166006:2006 was published, which defines the technology monitoring process as an "organized, selective and permanent way of capturing external information about technology, analysing it and converting it into knowledge for decision making with less risk and helps to be able to anticipate the changes ". A milestone that turns this into a guide to systematize practices, create units of monitoring in organizations and enable their certification.

Nowadays, there is the UNE Standard 166006:2018 Monitoring and Intelligence Systems.

A meta search engine is a motor that performs searches on other search engines. It adds value to traditional or general search engines, providing a unique and organized access to the user to search for information of strategic value.

OBSERVA is a Metabuscador in Science and Technology, which offers relevant information on science, technology and innovation produced in Ibero-America and organizes its results according to strategic information sources for technological surveillance, such as:

  • Patents.
  • Publications and scientific articles.
  • Investigation groups.
  • Offers and technological demands.
  • Fairs and congresses.
  • Open educational resources.
  • Legislation and legislation.
  • Calls and help.
  • Innovative projects.
  • Good practices and success stories.
  • Contacts and collaborators.

We are currently working to make all areas of information operational, for the moment we offer: patents, marketplace and news.

OBSERVA, as Metabuscador, does not display the information contained in the documents it indexes, only the data necessary to perform the searches are efficiently stored and the links to access that information, thus respecting the original sources.

The Technology Alert System requires user registration in order to be able to offer a customizable information service that suits your interests. To do this, the user has to access the registration form and complete their data. In this one it has to choose its preferences, being understood like those relevant criteria on which the system will understand information needs and will articulate the process of detection, classification and prioritization of results that will offer in its summaries.

These preferences are set based on:

  • Professional user profile.
  • Themes of interest in knowledge transfer, innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Preferred sectors of activity.
  • Countries of interest.

In the registration form the user will also indicate the means of consultation and the frequency with which he wishes to receive the Technological Watch Alerts, being able to choose between: consultation on the desktop of the online platform, weekly email or email daily.

Once registered, this system of alerts will review the most relevant sources of information and automatically detect, classify and prioritize items of information appropriate to their interests, offering a summary of news, events and innovations related to innovation, technological cooperation, intellectual property, Technology market, training, research, financing, entrepreneurship, technological surveillance, scientific dissemination, etc. Of their sector of activity and countries of preference. Preferences chosen by the user can be changed at any time to improve the answers to your information needs.

The Virtual Observatory for Technology Transfer (OVTT) is a collaborative project that articulates its activities through the Collaborators Network, with the purpose of fostering opportunities to connect research and business in Latin America.

By connecting your organization to the network you can benefit from advantages and new opportunities for technological cooperation, such as:

  • Support in the diffusion and digital promotion of their activities and innovative projects: for example, publishing their events in the Innovation and Technology Agenda and disseminating them, segmentarily by preferences, through the Technological Watch Alerts and social networks to all Ibero-America.
  • Linking of digital tools, Observations and Technological Watch Alerts, to their web pages.
  • Access and profitable use of digital tools for technological surveillance
  • Identification of information sources and environmental signals by sectors produced in Latin America.
  • Mutual exchange of know-how based on experience.
  • Organization of joint awareness-raising and training activities to improve in-network information skills and digital skills for technology surveillance.

How to add your organization:

To participate is very simple, contact us through the email:


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