Technology-based companies

The creation of technology-based companies (TBC) is one of the main technology transfer routes for marketing research results. These organizations base their business activity on market oriented technological innovation. They focus on marketing and profitability of innovative goods and services generated from an intensive use of scientific and technological knowledge, which include teams of highly qualified research and technical staff.

There are several definitions of TBC. For example, depending on the environment in which the company is founded, these may be:

Technology-based companies or university spin-off companies:

University spin-offs are one of the tools that universities or research centers use to transfer technology to society. They are entrepreneurships generated from the innovative knowledge and technology of the institution and they count on the participation of members of the university community or the research center, preferably researchers. The aim of these companies is to raise the value of scientific and technological knowledge and make capital out of research results, reaching economic and socially responsible benefits.

Technology-based companies or Startup companies:

Startups are newly-created business arising from production and business environment in order to turn technological knowledge generated by professionals into new goods, processes or services suitable for their introduction and operation on the market. Their activity is based on the intensive command of scientific and technological knowledge, but also on a great innovation capability, as they usually have an R&D department.

The technical standard 166120:2010 has recently been published by the IVAC (Valencian Institute of Certification), which states down the requirements that an organization needs to fulfill to be considered a “technology-based company”. Access here the main useful characteristics to set up a technology-based company in Latin American countries:


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