Nowadays, technology has become a strategic element in every organization. Technology management is key in creating and consolidating competitive advantages in a market sector. Technology acquisition processes are an essential source of ideas for creativity and the gradual incorporation of technological innovation opportunities in an organization.

There are different models of technology management and innovation, which can be classified according to the original source of innovation, the source of technological need, etc. These may include:

  • Closed innovation: Emerging technology is fully developed by the organization, without interference from any other external agents.
  • Open innovation: Technology is developed in collaboration with external agents, opening processes and distributing networking benefits among all the parties involved.
  • Technology-push, The organization needs to market its innovations resulting from its technological research activity and development.
  • Market-pull, The market demands technological innovations and the organization works to satisfy this need with innovative solutions.

The technology acquisition process can be generated from two aspects. On the one hand, there is the research of technological requests through which an organization identifies a technological need that could solve a technological problem. On the other hand, there is the technological supply through which researchers and knowledge producers offer their research capabilities and results to find organizations which implement them. There are many tools for technology identification and detection, in order to search, prioritize, plan, evaluate and make decisions to implement the technological offer and request.


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