Practical Guide for Technology Transfer

This practical guide for technology transfer offers updated and useful information about relevant basis, management models, tools and strategic actors in the management of the innovation and knowledge transfer of an organization. The following topics are covered:

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Technology identification
Intellectual property
Technology Watch
Technology-based companies
Technological cooperation
R-D-I Financing
Innovation Management

Technology transfer is the set of actions that makes easier the business performance in the market of the research capabilities and the results of the R&D activities that universities, institutes, research centers and companies carry out. It is a stage in the global process of technology valuation and marketing.

R&D valuation is, by definition, “the action and effect of increasing the value of something” related to research and development. It consists of adding value to research capabilities and results susceptible to social or economic use, so that they are attractive and available to companies and institutions through technology marketing tools. Therefore, technological valuation involves tasks to detect, evaluate, protect, value, develop, promote and market innovative technology.