Technopoli: Technology Development Unit of the IPN TechnoPoli


TECHNOPOLI is the Technology Development Unit of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) of Mexico, a technology center dedicated to attracting tractor companies, with experience in technology management, and generating innovation projects and technological development in collaboration. Surveillance technology is the driving force of its activity.

TECHNOPOLI work aims to contribute to innovative and technological development of Mexico by managing the flow of technology between the Institute, firms and markets. Among its tasks, promotes the creation and growth of technology businesses, providing space and facilities to host intensive companies generating knowledge of new products and cutting edge positioned in the market, the design and development of advanced solutions in information technologies for industry ; offering security services and technology foresight; business intelligence, and technology investment opportunities.

Regarding strategic sectors, the IPN has nine research networks that frame the strategic areas of study by the Institute, which in turn, are priority issues of strengthening for TECHNOPOLI, such as biotechnology, computer science, economic development, energy, environment, nanotechnology, health, telecommunications, robotics and mechatronics.

Additionally, in the field of TIC, they are specialized in strategic sectors such as: 3D Animation, Digital Video Production, CNC (Computer Numerical Control assisted), 3D Printing Prototyping.

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