Underground archaeology


Underground archaeology is an organization dedicated to the development of projects of research and of diffusion on the heritage historical, artistic and archaeological, from a point of view multidisciplinary and prioritizing always the rigor scientific on the purely business.

For the team, the main strategy to create values common in relation to the heritage cultural is has gone profiling in terms of tourism cultural, promoting a development economic of them peoples as mechanism to build a feeling of appreciation towards them goods cultural. Therefore, are committed to promoting a creative process open to citizen participation, immersed in the search for an own story, opening the possibility that the people of the towns and cities are the protagonists of their own work, for the construction of their own identity .

Feature with a team specialized in the design and execution of strategies innovative of revaluation and of socialization of the heritage cultural (artistic, archaeological, ethnographic), with the objective of cause heritage expanded joining a management technical professional interdisciplinary with a management social effective capable of generate projects sustainable.

Beetween their activities, Underground archaeology promotes soup, Congress International on education and socialization of the heritage in the Middle Rural , which this year celebrates its third edition of the 3 to the 8 of November in Benito Juárez (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

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