Chair Programme: Management for Knowledge "Lázaro Quintana Tápanes"


The Chair Management for Knowledge "Lázaro Quintana Tápanes" (Chair GxC) of the University of Matenzas "Camilo Cienfuegos" (UMCC), has been promoted since 2012 by the Industrial Engineering  Department of the Faculty of Economics and Computer Science (FCEI) . Its mission is to contribute to the knowledge management in Business Sciences in Cuba, mainly, in Industrial Engineering.

    Create information repositories for teachers and researchers of the Business Sciences.
Disseminate scientific information.
To meet existing limitations regarding the use of Internet in the country.
Provide search services on specific research topics.
To support
doctoral training activity of Industrial Engineering and masters programs developed by the FCEI.

More information
: Cátedra GxC



Address: Autopista a Varadero, Km. 3. Matanzas. Cuba.